Communities and Teachers Working Together

Supporting a better future

Asante Mwalimu enables communities to support their teachers to provide the best education possible

Education is the Key

Quality education is one of the most important things a child can receive for their future success, and we want to make sure that they get it!

Trust and Security

Our main priority is to ensure that all online communications and transfers of both money and information remain 100% safe and secure.

Communty Caring

The communities we work with have a long history of collaboration, and it is this spirit that we want organize and synergize in meaningful and productiv manner.

A Basic Model

When communties support teachers

Harnessing the Harambee to support the students

Connection Model

By utilizing widely used and popular pre-existing communication and digital technologies we ensure maximum inclusivity between our product and the public.


Technology Facilitated Community Suport

Whether doing using a traditional SMS phone or a modern smart phone app, parents will be connected to their child's progress in school like never before. Logging into the system, the parent has the option to explore one of three options.

1. The user can log in an check on their child and their information.

2. The user can also log in and remind them of their child's performance in the last round of government standardized tests, which has been submitted by the teachers using our mobile app. This allows them to stay on top where their child might be falling behind in certain subjects and where they should focus their support.

3. Lastly, we want to allow the parent to demonstrate their appreciation and respect for the teacher by having the ability to provide 'chai' money, or a small token of their satisfaction. This provides financial incentive to the teacher to perform at their best and ensure their students achieve their greatest potential, as well as allows the parent to play a tangible role in their child's experience at school

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